The History of Jewelry

The art of decorating human body has been practiced for a very long time. By considering the evolution of body ornaments in the human history, we discover that men and women have found a lot of different ways for them to look better and different from the beginning of civilization. The art of wearing jewelry is also used to make an individual feel different and special. In recent times, males and females have used jewelry as a way of beautifying themselves. Even famous personalities like queens, duchesses, music artist have been seen in public wearing beautiful and amazing jewelries in public.

Looking back on the history of jewelry, its origin can be traced back to the ancient Egypt 5000 years back. In those periods, the most famous metal for making jewelries was gold which was also very easy to work with and a big advantage of it that it does not corrode or tarnish. It has been said by some people that, in the ancient Egypt, the land of the pharaoh, magnificent jewelries like bracelets, collars, necklaces, armlets, pendants, rings, earrings and head ornaments were all produced and worn by important personalities in the society.

Also, the origin of gold beads can also be traced back to the ancient Greece. The art of wearing jewelry in Greece can be traced as far back as 300 BC when the Greeks were producing finery using gems like pearls, emeralds and amethysts. They were also known for producing colored glass stones and enamel stones. Other types of jewelries that were also produced in the ancient Greece include gold filigree works and carved agate cameos.

In recent times, many new types of beautiful and amazing jewelries have been developed. One of the most popular jewelries that are still used in recent times is the sterling silver jewelry. This indeed is one of the oldest and most popular types of jewelry available in present times. It has been a very popular kind of custom designed jewelry. One of the reasons that make it very popular is its affordability compare with platinum and gold. Although silver is used in many products, their applications as sterling silver jewelry are one of its sources of intrigue and mystique.